Combined, Dual & Sequential Degrees

Start as a freshman and earn a bachelor and graduate-level degree in less time and at less cost than pursuing them separately.

All of our academic programs meet or exceed the high standards required by accrediting organizations. Our professional programs also continue the strong liberal arts emphasis found in undergraduate majors.

Combined Degree Programs

Our combined degree programs are a great value. You'll earn your bachelor's and master's degree in less time, getting you in your career a year before other graduates. You'll save money because you'll pay undergraduate tuition for your graduate study. And you can keep your undergraduate scholarship for all five years.

*Teaching areas include Biology, Chemistry, English, History, and Mathematics.

Dual & Sequential Degree Programs

Earn a highly-respected bachelor's and advanced degree here at D'Youville in less time than you can at other institutions by starting as a freshman.

How to Apply

To apply to any of the combined degree programs, complete the undergraduate online application.

Physician Assistant applicants need to also complete the Physician Assistant application.

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