Program Highlights

Highlights of the Doctor of Chiropractic Program

Teacher/Practitioner Faculty

Our graduate faculty members are licensed practitioners and educators who inspire the highest level of professionalism in their students.

Science/Liberal Arts Foundation

As a student in our program, you'll experience a rigorous curriculum grounded in the core sciences and liberal arts to prepare you for professional practice as a doctor of chiropractic. The strength of the science core could also prove valuable in the subsequent pursuit of other related fields of study.

Collaborative/Integrative Learning Environment

D'Youville offers you a dynamic multidisciplinary academic environment.  With over 100 years of history, D'Youville is well known and respected for its commitment to excellence in the preparation of health professionals including, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and dietitians.
As a chiropractic student you will learn the biological sciences from faculty in the Department of Math and Natural Sciences, radiology and neurology from board certified chiropractic specialists, nutrition from registered dietitians in the Dietetics Department, and spinal adjustments and rehabilitation techniques from chiropractic faculty in the Department of Chiropractic. Collaboration and cooperation between these expert and highly qualified professionals prepares you for the highest possible level of integrative patient care.

Research Core

A core of research courses will prepare you as a graduating chiropractor and also provide the basis for a research-oriented field of study. You'll learn to critically appraise literature in the field and be prepared if you chose to pursue a doctor of education degree.

Collegial Group Learning

Professional level chiropractic courses are designed for classes of 30 in lectures and lab groups of 10-15 students. This gives you personal faculty attention and a close sharing of interests and experiences with other students as you move through the program and into your professional lives. This supportive atmosphere includes guidance from both college advisors and community-based clinical associates.

Prepare for Private Practice

The majority of chiropractors operate in private practice while others share in group practices. An innovative course in entrepreneurship will give you a realistic plan for setting up and running a financially sound practice.

Diagnostic Imaging Library

D'Youville has an extensive imaging library for learning diagnosis by analyzing and marking up of thousands of x-rays. You'll also learn the full spectrum of imaging technology from MRI and CT to myelography and radionuclide imaging.

Comprehensive Clinical Internship

One of the most demanding and rewarding phases of the doctor of chiropractic program is our internship experience. This practicum focuses on holistic principles that address the whole person and provide the patient with a concerned nurturing of mind, body and spirit. In our new clinic, 1,200 hours of intern training turns theory into real practice by honing skills you'll use every day in your profession. You'll learn through hands-on experience, guided by our practitioner faculty in a supportive relationship with small-group attention and instruction.

Community-based Practice Experience

In addition to our certification clinic, you'll benefit from externships where you'll learn current preventive, corrective and rehabilitative techniques. From large urban hospitals to rural, solo-practice offices, the program offers a wide range of practice experience.

Council on Chiropractic Accreditation (CCE)

D'Youville College recognizes and values the authority of the CCE as the official accrediting agency for chiropractic programs. D'Youville makes every effort to follow all of the council's recommendations and requirements for establishing initial and ongoing program accreditation.

Entry into a Lifetime Profession

Chiropractic offers you the satisfaction of facilitating the healing of those in need while providing you lifelong security as a practitioner and limitless opportunity for personal initiative and leadership in a growing profession.

A Leader in the Field

Chiroractic students

D’Youville is the first liberal arts college in New York State to offer a professional chiropractic degree program.

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