A message for prospective students from Dr. Kat Linaker, director of the Chiropractic program.

Congratulations! Your decision to pursue a doctor of chiropractic degree is the beginning of a very challenging and rewarding career. Now you must decide what college will best fit your needs as you pursue your degree. I am honored that you are considering D'Youville College. Here are the things that I think you should know about D'Youville College and its chiropractic program as you consider your college options.

First, our students experience a truly integrated foundation year as the classes they attend include students from the other D'Youville healthcare programs such as physician's assistant, pharmacy,  physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nursing. In keeping with this integrative model, our program has a solid science foundation and evidence based clinical training. We also provide our interns with the opportunity to experience a variety of clinical settings and models such as the University at Buffalo, Neurosurgery, Inc.; a multidisciplinary clinic that includes medical doctors, physical therapists, surgeons and chiropractors; a traditional chiropractic solo office at our Chiropractic Health Center located at 2900 Main Street in Buffalo; and our Chiropractic clinic at Erie County Medical Center. These opportunities give our graduates knowledge and appreciation of the roles of other professions in patient care and management as well as the clinical background necessary to become an effective member of an integrative healthcare team.

Second, D'Youville College was founded by the Grey Nuns over 100 years ago in response to a need for a women's college in Western New York. D'Youville College continues to provide service to those in need as part of our heritage. Our chiropractic clinical experience therefore includes opportunities for community outreach. Our interns provide care to underserved populations  and are involved in periodic clinical outreaches such as the Extreme Home Makeover episode that occurred here in Buffalo in 2010. These unique clinical settings provide our students with valuable service learning experiences that will help them become successful, caring chiropractors who will contribute to their communities throughout their careers.

Third, D'Youville College prides itself on its student-centered education. This is reflected in our chiropractic adjusting laboratories where there is one instructor for every 10 students. Lectures and labs at D'Youville are taught by faculty members, not by graduate students. In addition, our faculty members are involved in your education, not only as instructors, but also as advisors. Each student meets with their faculty advisor at least once per term, where the faculty provides assistance and guidance as you progress through the program. Our classes are limited to 30 students thereby ensuring a good learning environment with personal attention from faculty.

If you are interested in learning more about our unique program, please feel free to contact me directly. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about D'Youville College's chiropractic program or, if you prefer, please come for a campus visit.

In closing, I would like to repeat D'Youville College's mission statement as it effectively captures the spirit in which we strive to deliver the chiropractic program:

D'Youville College is an independent institution of higher education that offers baccalaureate and graduate programs to students of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds.

D'Youville College honors its Catholic heritage and spirit of St. Marguerite d'Youville by providing academic, social, spiritual, and professional development in programs that emphasize leadership and service. D'Youville teaches students to contribute to the world community by leading compassionate, productive, and responsible lives.

Kathleen L.  Linaker, DC, DACBR, PhD

Executive Director Chiropractic Programs

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