Chiropractic Dual Degree

Biology BS + Chiropractic Doctoral Degree (7 years)

The demand for skilled chiropractors is growing as more consumers seek alternatives in healthcare. By enrolling in D'Youville College's dual degree program, you can earn a bachelor of science degree in biology and then move directly into the professional chiropractic doctoral program

You will graduate with:

  • a substantial knowledge of the basic biological sciences
  • an in-depth understanding of the distinctive principles, theories, methodologies and chiropractic skills
  • the ability to perform a comprehensive examination, diagnosis, treatment and evaluation plan of care; to assess the patient's general health status; to recognize deviations from normalcy; and to refer or co-manage the healthcare of patients requiring other types of healthcare and supportive services
  • the knowledge, skills and ability to provide restorative, preventive and wellness care
  • an understanding of the importance of evidenced-based care and the ability to apply research in identifying significant problems, in determining appropriate approaches, and in assessing healthcare outcomes

D'Youville Distinctions

  • D'Youville is the first liberal arts college in the U.S. to offer a professional chiropractic degree program integrated with the traditional healthcare fields.
  • Unique multi-disciplinary research approach prepares graduates exceptionally well for a variety of healthcare settings, including private practice.
  • You will take classes alongside physical therapy, nursing and other healthcare majors.
  • Your clinical internships will take place in multidisciplinary settings, preparing you to collaborate with other healthcare professionals in your career.

Please see additional information under the doctor of chiropractic degree program.

Note to applicants: Be sure to check out the application and admission requirements for this program.

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