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D'Youville College offers the choice of the Career Discovery Program (CDP) for two types of students, those who wish to begin their college studies without an immediate commitment to a major and those who require more preparation before entering a particular major.

How it Works

The Career Discovery Program allows students to take up to four semesters (depending on credit hours earned) to decide upon a major. During this time, you'll: 

  • Take classes that will fulfill the core curriculum requirement at D'Youville
  • Be assigned an academic advisor in the Liberal Arts department
  • Work closely with your advisor and the CDP director in developing your career path
  • Be enrolled in a degree-granting program prior to earning junior standing (56 credits)


Perspectives in Professions I (CDP 101)

  • Designed for incoming students
  • Two credit course that allows the student to explore various interests, determine skill levels and conduct research on one or two career interests

Perspectives in Professions II (CDP 102)

  • Designed for students who do not declare a major by the end of the first semester
  • One credit tutorial in which students continue the process begun in CDP 101 by shadowing a professional in the field and conducting interviews

Career Life Planning (CDP 201)

  • Designed for those students who either choose to leave a program or are dismissed from one due to academic difficulties
  • One credit course which is designed to help students evaluate their career goals, strengthen study skills, and develop life plans

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    The Career Discovery Program helped me open my eyes to what I major I wanted to study.
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    Gain exposure to the humanities, social & natural sciences, math and computer science through the 19 required courses in the core curriculum.
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  • FOCUS-2

    Map our a career plan with FOCUS-2, an online, interactive career and education planning system that combines self assessment, career exploration and decision making into one comprehensive program.
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    Download catalogs for undergraduate and graduate academic programs at D'Youville.
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