CDP Courses

Perspectives on Professions I (CDP 101)

Course Description

CDP101 is the first of two courses designed for students who have been admitted to the college, but have not yet declared or been accepted into academic majors.  Students will partake in self-assessment activities and work to develop specific academic and career-related goals. The course is worth two credit hours.

What will I do in CDP101?

  • Research academic majors and careers.
  • Learn more about your specific interests, skills, and goals.
  • Interact with faculty and staff across campus.
  • Interview professionals about majors/careers that are of interest to you.
  • Utilize campus offices (i.e. Learning Center, Career Services).

Perspectives on Professions II (CDP 102)

Course Description

CDP102 is designed to continue the exploratory work begun in Perspectives on Professions I (CDP101). Through coursework and interactions with others, you will continue to develop your academic and career interests and learn more about the programs we offer at DYC. The course is worth one credit hour.

What will I do in CDP102?

  • Carry on your exploration of different academic majors.
  • Learn from the experiences of other DYC students.
  • Continue to gain knowledge from faculty and staff presentations.
  • Develop and track specific academic and career goals.
  • Consider your ideal job and write a personal statement essay.

Career Life Planning (CDP 201)

Course Description

CDP201 is a course designed for students who have been dismissed from an academic major and/or have chosen to pursue a new area of academic study at the college.  The content of this course is based on self-assessment, networking, and the exploration and development of academic and career goals.  The course is worth one credit hour.

What will I do in CDP201?

  • Identify and reflect upon your academic and career goals and interests.
  • Gain insight into the process of self-assessment.
  • Research academic majors and programs offered at DYC.
  • Interact with others who have similar academic and career interests.
  • Apply to the major the best fits you!

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