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D'Youville College offers the choice of the Career Discovery Program (CDP) for two types of students, those who wish to begin their college studies without an immediate commitment to a major and those who require more preparation before entering a particular major.

The Career Discovery Program allows students to take up to four semesters (depending on credit hours earned) to decide upon a major. During this time students take classes that will fulfill the core curriculum requirement at D'Youville. CDP students are assigned an academic advisor in the Liberal Arts department, and work closely with their advisor and program director in developing a career path.


Perspectives in Professions I (CDP 101)

  • Designed for incoming students
  • two credit course that allows the student to explore various interests, determine skill levels and conduct research on one or two career interests.

Perspectives in Professions II (CDP 102)

  • Designed for students who do not declare a major by the end of the first semester
  • one credit tutorial in which students continue the process begun in CDP 101 by shadowing a professional in the field and conducting interviews.

Career Life Planning (CDP 201)

  • Designed for those students who either choose to leave a program or are dismissed from one due to academic difficulties.
  • one credit course which is designed to help students evaluate their career goals, strengthen study skills, and develop life plans.

All students will be enrolled in a degree-granting program prior to earning junior standing (56 credits).

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