Put theory into practice

With the theoretical knowledge you've learned in the classroom, you'll be ready to complete an international business research project in a topic related to your career interests.

Our experienced business faculty will guide in your research and analysis, as you put theory into practice. Through your research project, you'll demonstrate your understanding of global market dynamics as well as the important roles that language, ethnicity, traditions and culture have on international business practices.

Research topics

Many research projects focus on new and developing areas of interest that have been fostered by the increasingly interconnected global marketplace. Past research topics have included:

  • "Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into Corporate Strategy: An Exploratory Study of the Five Largest Global Hotel Companies"
  • "Challenges for the NYS Exporters of Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies"
  • "Impact of Hungarian Integration with the European Union on the Hungarian Wine Industry"
  • "Factors Affecting Successful Entry Strategies of MNSc into Chinese Market"
  • "Public Procurement in Armenia After Joining WTO"
  • "FDIs in Vietnam Before and After Joining ASEAN"
  • "Leadership Development Programs in Subsidiaries of MNCs in India"
  • "Solar Energy for Commercial Applications in the US and the European Union"
  • "Applicability of Corporate Supply Chain Management Methods into Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief Programs"
  • "Advantages of IFRS as Compared to the US GAAP"
  • "United Nations Policies and International Conflict Resolution Based upon the Example of Kandahar Province Afghanistan"

Poster presentation

You'll hone your presentation skills by sharing your research findings during our annual Poster Presentation event. Each year, a student is chosen as the winner of the poster presentation based on certain academic and business criteria judged by our business professors.

The research project and related poster presentation is important because it allows the graduate international business students the opportunity to apply theory and concepts they have learned in class to current real-world international business situations.

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  Poster presentation winner Amanda Rowell with Dr. Dion Daly (Dept. Chair)

Amanda Rowell (right) was the winner of the 2013 Poster Presentation for her research project, "Challenges for the NYS exporters of medical equipment and medical supplies." Dr. Dion Daly, department chair, presented her award. 


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