Through the internship experiences gained in D'Youville College's international business programs, you'll develop skills that are sought after by global business employers. You'll put the theoretical knowledge you gained in the classrooms to work in the real world and you'll be able to:

  • Understand and manage strategic and functional areas of business
  • Manage cultural differences in the global environment
  • Communicate in foreign languages
  • Understand the fundamentals of the international competitive environment
  • Understand the importance of ethics and social responsibility in any international business setting
  • Manage business projects at a global level
  • Solve key business problems within an international setting

Assignments may involve:

  • Developing exporting and/or importing strategies
  • Performing advertising and/or marketing research
  • Developing international financing proposals
  • Developing international policies for organizations interested in internationalizing their operations


  • Investigate career opportunities in each of your internship placement
  • Gain valuable experience for your resume
  • Network with professionals in your field of interest
  • Compliment your traditional coursework with hands-on learning

Fieldwork Requirements

Combined Degree (BS/MS)

A total of 12 credit hours (30 clock hours/credit) of fieldwork experience in an international business setting/environment in the U.S. or abroad are required.

Required international fieldwork begins in the summer session between the fourth and fifth years of study and students have the opportunity to extend fieldwork into the fifth year of study. Fieldwork assignments are arranged on an individual student basis.

Graduate Degree (MS)

A minimum of three to nine credit hours (30 clock hours/credit) of fieldwork experience in an international business setting/environment in the U.S. or abroad are required. Credit-hours required will be determined by the department of business, based upon the length and type of any previous internship or professional experience.

A World of Opportunities

Thanks to our faculty's involvement in the international business arena, as well as the leadership opportunities available, you'll be able to intern with a variety of companies and organizations across the world. Previous fieldwork placements include:

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