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Information for Current Students in the ADVANCE Program


The Advance Program runs five evenings per week, with most courses only one night per week from 6:00 - 10:00 PM running five weeks long. The average core class size is 20 students per course.

Internet Courses

  • During each semester internet courses are offered.
  • For information on how to access distance learning courses please refer to your orientation packet.
  • Questions about accessing your internet courses? Contact the D'Youville Help Desk.

Tuition Reimbursement

  • If your company offers tuition reimbursement please share that information with D'Youville's Student Accounts Office. They will let you know what information is needed from your employer and will assist you in letting your company know exact tuition.


  • If you would like to drop a course that you're registered for, you have up until the day the second class begins to drop that course without financial obligation. For example, if SOC102V started on Tuesday, January 10th then you have until Tuesday, January 17th by 6:00 PM to drop that course with no financial obligation.
  • If by dropping a course you alter the amount of credit hours you are registered for, this can result in your financial aid being adjusted accordingly. Please contact your academic advisor for assistance with drop/add procedures.

CLEP/Challenge Exams

  • Students will be limited to 15 credit hours of credit by standardized examinations to count towards D'Youville College credit, including CLEP, Regents College, and other standardized college level exams.
  • There is no limit on the number of credits earned prior to enrollment at D'Youville College through the AP exam program.
  • Challenge Exams given by D'Youville faculty are addressed in a separate policy entitled Challenge Examinations in the college catalog.
  • For information about CLEP exams, please check out the official CLEP website at
  • As mentioned during your orientation, please contact your advisor for information about CLEP and Challenge exams.

Submit Your Tuition Deposit

You can submit the enrollment deposit by mail, in person, or online. This deposit confirms your place for the next term and is non-refundable after the deposit deadline.

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