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For nearly 109 years our campus has been an exceptional choice for those seeking quality higher education throughout New York State, many receiving financial assistance to achieve the goal of a quality degree. That choice is currently under threat. 

Your decision to having attended D’Youville has had a profound impact, not only perhaps on you, but to the campus and surrounding community as well. D’Youville graduates residing locally or throughout New York become vital to the State’s economy.

We wish to preserve the experience you had, guaranteeing a D’Youville education for future students of all financial backgrounds, ensuring our continued excellence as a choice for those looking for our unique value proposition to those residing in New York. 

However that guarantee has come under threat with the proposed Excelsior Scholarship, which could potentially hurt D’Youville and other independent colleges throughout the state. If the Excelsior Scholarship is passed, it may effectively cut scholarships and in turn funding to your alma mater. The result could be devastating, including the cutting of programs, faculty, staff, and ultimately even the possibility of closing of the college itself. 

At D’Youville our wish is that every student get a choice in higher education, private or public. For that reason we’re encouraging Albany to raise the maximum amount given in Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). Increasing TAP’s maximum award would benefit each and every student, regardless of college choice in New York State.

We urge you to contact your local state representatives in Albany, regardless of the county you currently reside, and take action. Ask them to not punish small private colleges such as D’Youville and other institutions, some of which if shuttered would have profound negative economic impacts throughout central New York. Ask them to preserve New York State’s economy and choice in colleges, ask them to increase TAP for all qualified students. 

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Please join us in urging State legislators to consider an alternative, already proven successful in the past, producing the exceptional level of educational rigor throughout New York State – increase the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) for all qualifying students and their families.

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