Folder Properties

These variables are defined in the Page Properties view of this file, and are applicable to the current folder.

Section Title: Brand
Title of the current section.

CMS Variables

Variables provided by the CMS, unless overwritten.

ou:dirname: /about/brand
Path to current directory within the current site.
ou:root: /var/staging/oucampus/dyc/
Staging filepath to site.
ou:site: dyouville-www-new
Site name in OUCampus.
ou:httproot: http://www.dyc.edu/
Primary publish location, if set in Site Settings
ou:ftproot: /wwwp
Specified in Site Settings

Directory Variables

These variables are defined in the Access Settings of this folder, and are applicable to all child folders unless overwritten.

titleSuffix: | D'Youville
Text appeneded to all web page titles.
breadcrumbStart: /
The directory where the generated breadcrumbs begins.
navInquire: /_resources/includes/nav-inquire.asp
Navigation file for links next to the search.
navMain: /_resources/includes/nav-main.asp
Main navigation file for links in the side menu.
navConstituent: /_resources/includes/nav-constituent.asp
Links below main navigation in side menu.
navUtility: /_resources/includes/nav-utility.asp
Links above translate button in side menu.
navSocial: /_resources/includes/nav-social.asp
Social media links in side menu.
pageBanner: /images/hero/detail.png
Default page banner.
pageBannerAlt: Placeholder Image
Default page banner description.
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