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Content strategy using post-it notes to map out ideas.

Tell us your who, what, when, where, and why.

D'Youville's Marketing and Communication department is dedicated to telling the on-going story of D'Youville. We need your help to tell those stories in engaging and interesting ways to both internal and external audiences. 

Every day members of our community, our faculty, staff, students, and alumni, make impacts in the lives or others, add knowledge to their field, and create great experiences for our others. Now is the time to tell those stories.


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Story Outlets

News Stories


The work our community does and the news it generates often points to an outcome. Usually that outcome relates back to D’Youville being innovative, being human, being the first, or being the best. We want to help you show those outcomes through storytelling. The big stories, the small stories, the quirky stories: help us tell them.

So, tell us your story! Let us know:

  • About the service you’re performing in the community.
  • What you’re working on in class – is it innovative, unusual, or quirky?
  • If you’re currently working on research or are going to be published.
  • When you’re traveling to conferences or other events.
  • About events you’re holding on campus or ones you’re taking part of off-campus. 

Web pages


The pages on D’Youville’s websites are a reflection of the identity of each of our communities. They tell the personal story of our people, programs, departments, and more. We want to make sure that identity is accurate, highlights what makes your community great, and helps connect interested students with the programs and people of D’Youville.

How you can help:

  • Want to make your content more proactive and engaging for potential students? Contact us and we’ll bring together the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Students want to meet you. We can help you introduce yourself through a profile.
  • See something not accurate? Let us know.

In The News

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For the second consecutive year, D'Youville is ranked as the top private university in Western New York in recognition of its academic excel...

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D'Youville Accepted Into NCAA Division II Membership

D'Youville has been accepted into NCAA Division II membership and will officially compete as a member of the East Coast Conference. Since 20...

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